The Brand

Stay True 24.8 LLC activewear is designed to make you feel like your true self with confidence while wearing the latest trendy seamless sets. Our brand encourages women and men to always staying true to themselves but yet be open to learn. Mastering how to live your life authentically and genuinly as possible while staying true to your values even if they are different than the values of others.  Live in your unapologetic truth, love yourself and stay committed to your goals.

Work on yourself, because YOU what every aspect of your life to grow positively. Work on yourself, because YOU what to do it.

 Work on you, For you!

 24.8 is inspired by the legend Kobe Bryant! His mentality and dedication of wanting to be the best version of himself on and off the court will never be forgotten. He always remained true to himself and had amazing work ethic. Truly admirable! #Mambaforever.

"Know what you stand for, know what you represent, and know what's true to you" - Nipsey Hussle


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